Pickles and popcorn is a movie staple snack in Texas. Mostly, in South Texas, but it’s a movie staple that many love. But is it weird?

I was visiting friends in New Jersey after graduating from high school. They had their summer jobs at the mall, so while there I decided to catch a movie. It was 1997, I was watching My Best Friend’s Wedding. I remember it well because it was the day I felt oddly embarrassed as I walked to the concession stand and proudly ordered. “I’d like a small popcorn, and a pickle, please.”



The girl’s confused gaze should’ve tipped me off, but I asked again, “You know, a dill pickle? Can I buy one?” She looked at me as if I was insane and shrugged her shoulders. “We don’t sell pickles here.”

I went on my way, and watched my movie, only to later tell my friend how I thought it was strange that the movie theatre wasn’t selling pickles.

My friend gave me a terrified look, and freaked out as she asked, “Wait, your movie theatre sells pickles?” She had never heard of this before in her life. She thought it was the weirdest, oddest combo.



I mean, pickles and popcorn can’t be THAT weird! What about pickles and ice cream? That’s weird.

It was the first time I’d realized that not all movie theatres sold the same things, and that a dill pickle with popcorn was not normal. It wasn’t like we had social media back then to ask all our friends from all over the world if pickles and popcorn were a thing. But over the years, as I’d traveled more, and when I’d get a chance to catch a movie, I’d check to see if their menus included the dill pickle. I realized this is mostly a Texas thing.

I’ve seen pickles incorporated into different recipes. There are fried pickles as an appetizer, or pickles in your potato salad, tuna fish sandwiches and such. But never have I seen pickles and popcorn mentioned as a snack.


Then, suddenly, pickle flavored items started appearing everywhere! It became a thing! Chips, sodas, gum, candy canes!

Below are some cool things you can purchase. Click on any of the photos to learn more about each item.

And FYI – the best pickles on the planet, in my humble opinion, are the BEST MAID pickle brand. The dill pickles are the best!

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Pickles have been around for over 4,000 years. Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte loved them. They were brought to America when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. 

I did a little digging into how pickles at the movie theatres started in Texas, but found no answer as to how the trend began. I’m glad it did, however, because this is a snack I’ve loved since I was a little girl.


Sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, tuna fish, options are endless what you can eat pickles with.

But don’t knock pickles and popcorn ’til you’ve tried it. You might just get addicted to this Texan snack staple.

Are you willing to try this snack out?

Let me know!

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