Caring for the planet is pretty important. But how would you begin to care for her?

Start simply.

Mother Nature wants to take care of you, and in turn we should be kind to her. I appreciate the outdoors and nature much more than I have in the past, and here are a few great ways you can show the Earth you care. Here are seven ways you can care for the planet. 

Seven Tips to Care for Our Planet


– Buy reusable shopping bags (make them fun or colorful so that you enjoy using them. I love my “I ❤️ Mr. Darcy” tote).
– Make a small garden (I’ve got some avocado trees and tomato plants growing outside)
– Recycle ♻️ – even your old electronics (find a place you can take old phones, chargers, headphones, computer parts)
– Don’t use plastic water bottles (I bought a reusable one and they’re fab, plus it saves money)
– Go paperless (bank statements, bills, do it all online. BONUS, no paper-cuts)
– Buy less. Reuse what you already have and only buy what you need. (I decided years ago that I wouldn’t purchase unnecessary items. I’m much happier spending money on experiences, not on another lipstick or pair of shoes. Really think about what you buy before you buy it.) Don’t get me wrong, if you really want something and it makes you happy, buy it! But if you don’t necessarily NEED it and it won’t fully satisfy you, leave it behind. This takes practice and discipline. 
– Go for a walk (nature is gorgeous, especially during the springtime. Go to a park, find an outdoor activity, or sit on your back porch for a bit and breathe in the fresh air around you). I took this photo on one of my evening walks. I adore getting lost in the trails.

Stay hydrated with the heat. Use bug spray, especially if you’re in Texas, like me! 

You can find great bug sprays and read up on their effectiveness here.

Watch out for snakes, scorpions, and other wildlife. 

Small changes can make a big impact. The most important part of it all, however, is to enjoy taking care of the planet. It shouldn’t feel like a task. We should be willing to give back what the Earth gives to us and find joy in it. Our planet is a beauty, just like you, so take care of her. She loves you. 

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