Don’t Be a Mean Girl.

Today is National Mean Girls Day. Yep, it’s October 3rd.

If you haven’t seen the 2004 film written by Tina Fey, well, it’s kind of fetch.

Social media and film lovers pull out the quotes, gifs, and quips like nobody’s business on October 3rd. 

Why this day, you might be asking?

The clip below shows Lindsay Lohan’s big crush asking her what day it is. Her answer? “It’s October 3rd.”

Really, that’s all there is to it. And now, everyone loves themselves Mean Girls Day.

It’s October 3rd

About The Film

Lohan plays Cady Heron. She attends a new high school, and gets sucked in by a group of popular girls called The Plastics. Thus, begins her education in popularity, and a world full of manipulation, scheming, passive aggressive behavior, and a fight for “Queen Bee” ranking.

Being a Mean Girl is no joke though. Nobody should strive to be like the girls in this film. And although this film is a comedy and is meant to be fun, it also shows how women can be toward other women. And y’all it can get ugly…and well, mean.

Don’t Be A Mean Girl


I love a funny teen comedy, but the behavior shown in this film is not only prevalent in high school, but in women’s cliques too. The comparisons, the jealousy, the backstabbing, and gossip can take place in a group dynamic. Drama can be accompanied by any group you’re a part of, and it doesn’t bode well.

So, how can you NOT be a mean girl?


Don’t Gossip

Let’s all admit upfront that we are all guilty of gossiping. We’ve discussed affairs of someone else behind their back, and we’ve known others who’ve talked about us. Gossip is, at times, inevitable. We all do it. However, we need to distinguish the difference between good gossip and bad gossip. If you’re betraying someone’s confidence, if you’re saying things about someone that you wouldn’t say directly to them, consider it bad. Stop idle-gossip about others. It’s draining, ugly, and bad for the soul.

I remember working in a place where everyone would constantly talk about others behind their backs. It was a horrible environment to be in, and it was only a matter of time before I was the subject of their gossip.

Sometimes we get caught up in conversation, but be more conscious of when you’re listening to or being a part of that discussion that stirs badly. Sway the talk in another direction. If it gets negative, find the positive and turn it around.

In a world full of critical people be an encouraging one.


Don’t Be a Snob

Snobs are people who make others uncomfortable because of their set of standards they place on everyone. Often they won’t include certain people because they think those people are beneath them. Either the people they don’t want to include in their clique don’t wear the right clothes, drive the right car, have a certain social status or financial status. They typically think they’re better than everyone else and feel entitled.

Your best bet is to stay away from these people all together, but if you have to deal with them, there are ways to go about it. Call them out, change the subject, or ignore how they behave toward you. Don’t become one of them! Remember, they’re the ones with the issue, not you!

These types of people don’t make others feel comfortable around them. They don’t accept the person as is, and often they don’t show them respect. Everyone deserves to be treated well, regardless of their own set criteria. Snobs end up being the most insecure people of all, so don’t follow along with them.

Everyone saw Regina George as this goddess, but even though she seemed to have it all, she had no real friends. People were either intimidated by her or saw her as untouchable, but nobody really wanted to be friends with her. Be open and friendly to people.


Don’t Humiliate Others

Humiliation and criticism from friends in public hurts. And it’s downright rude. Yet, friends tend to do it to other friends. Now, this is typically because of insecurities within the person doing the humiliating. Somehow they think embarrassing you in front of others will make them feel and look better. It doesn’t. Being mean won’t attract friends, and them trying to be witty at your expense won’t make them look smart. 

If this behavior happens to you, don’t retaliate. Don’t stoop to their level. Not only may it cause an ongoing battle, but it won’t make you look any better.

I remember one time where this girl would always make me look bad, especially when we were hanging around guys. I finally stood up to her one day and asked her flat out if she enjoyed putting me down whenever we were in front of other people. It was an awkward moment, and everyone around us seemed uncomfortable. I didn’t mean to humiliate her in return, however, it had been a constant reoccurrence.  I felt that the only way it would get through to her was to address it head on. And trust me, she never did it again.

Try to pull the person aside, have a talk with them, ask them why they’re behaving that way. Perhaps there’s a reason they feel like that. Maybe you’ve done something wrong to them that makes them feel the way they do toward you. If they don’t have an answer and continue behaving the way they are, get yourself a new set of people to hang around.

Surround yourself with kind people. You want people who will uplift you and care for you. You deserve it.

At the end of the film, Cady leaves The Plastics behind. She lives a happier drama-free existence. And you can too.

Don’t be a Plastic. Don’t be a mean girl.  

Tell me, in what ways did you relate to Cady in the film? Were you a mean girl? Tina Fey said that she was a “mean girl” in high school.


Disclosure – The opinions are that of the owner of Hello Awesome Life. 

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